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Nutrition for child growth

Written By onci on Friday, November 11, 2011 | 4:38 AM

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Good nutrition will support the growth of children. Nutrition Meet the needs of our children every day, so as not susceptible to the disease in the future growth and development.

Because good nutrition will reduce the risk of children developing the disease. Even if there are germs or viral infection, with good endurance, the child will not easily hurt, so it does not interfere with the growth process.

Meet the nutritional needs of children with a balanced diet that contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals that are appropriate for their needs. Indeed there are times when a child is difficult to eat, but we do not give up so easily. Maneuvering by always providing healthy snacks in the house that contains the elements of balanced nutrition and food additives that can cover the lack of intake of certain nutrients.

Anything that takes our children to grow flowers? Here are some of the essential nutrients you need to know;

Protein needs of children is very large. Protein is a source of essential amino acids necessary for the builder substances for growth and the formation of serum proteins, hemoglobin, enzymes and antibodies as well as for regeneration of damaged cells and as an energy source.

Multivitamins and minerals
Additional foods containing multivitamins and minerals needed by the child to meet the nutritional needs are not satisfied by the daily diet. Especially for children who have difficulty eating and children with limited food choices.

Vitamin A
It's important to support the growth of the child and maintain eye health and increase body resistance to infection.

Vitamin B complex
Plays an important role in the metabolism of the body and maintain organ function, especially the nervous system. Can help increase your appetite for children who have difficulty eating.

Vitamin C
Plays an important role in helping to improve the child's immune to infection, and accelerate growth.

Vitamin D
Very important in helping the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin E
Very well known as an antioxidant that keeps the body's cells from damage. Plays an important role in the process of metabolism, maintain healthy skin and muscle.

Nutrients needed to support the development of the child. Often the need for these nutrients can not be met from the daily diet. Important minerals include:

Calcium Magnesium
Instrumental in the growth of bones and teeth, blood clotting process and development of nerve cells and brain.

Instrumental in the formation hemoglogin (RBCs) that transports oxygen throughout the body cells.
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